This film was commissioned by the lovely Material agency for the British brand - William & sons.

We shot this film over the course of one day at Villa D'Este In Lake Como, Italy.

The film was commissioned by Hasselblad as part of 3 films for their Lunar camera.
This one is for the camera with a wood finish.

THe series of films were used on dedicated micro sites as well as social media a channels.

Hasselblad Micro Site


This film was shot over two days at the Cavalli family home and HQ in Florence. I took a single camera man with me and we spent two days with Mr Roberto Cavalli and his son Daniele.

The Cavalli's were lovely, entertaining and super generous!!

The idea for this film was partly to showcase my Steadicam and also to create something which had a serene quality to it. Shot over one day in a London studio with a set of Cooke Primes.

I shot these series films for Paul Smith over the course of two days. The set up was simple. My Briese lights with bounce board. A RED Epic on a Dolly and Track. DP Angenieux Zooms with some gentle lens filtration.

On the production side. In the studio next door Sir Paul Smith shot the campaign images with Alan Aboud art directing.

I love shooting on RED in these scenarios as we can match up the moving image to the stills with the latitude of shooting RED raw.